Wednesday, January 11

Hat Yai Travels (Day 1)

Figured I should blog today instead of

a) procrastinating on the many blogposts I've mentally scheduled. this includes the london/paris trip posts. THEY WILL BE CONTINUED, though its already 2017 I WILL STICK TO MY WORDS.

b) binge watching kdramas/sherlock/gilmore girls/that 70's show/hindi + china movies cause I will be going out for a movie in a while

c) stressing over my driving pretest tomorrow which I have a horrible feeling of. No idea why. It's not like I'm HORRIBLE at driving or anything, its just not my most confident trait. And to have someone more experienced sit next to you to judge and evaluate your every amateur move? Definitely not favourable for someone who gets anxious so easily ie. me

Anywho, before I kick off this post I'd like to express how unbelievable it feels to be in the year of 2017, turning 18 in 10 months, done with high school - the first milestone of life; and to be looking toward the future. That's crazy. I've been dreaming of this moment. January of 2017. Never thought 2016 would pass, it was always the furthest I could imagine for myself since my primary school days. Now, I have to see beyond that, make decisions toward the later part of my future but till then, I deserve this little blessing of peace bestowed upon me (apart from the stress of driving).

With all positive thoughts and happy vibes, I wish my non-existent readers a happy 2017! ^-^

On with Thailand!

My family planned a semi-impromptu (you probably have never read the words 'planned' and 'impromptu' in the same sentence before. alas, enjoy my post-spm it's been a while since i crafted sentences what even is english writing style. I need to work on my flair, it seems to be dissipating. It was just a small 3 days one 2 night trip but I loved it!!! The fresh air was great, the food even greater and the shopping was INCREDIBLE.

Instead of opting for the usual hotel my parents (and apparently other fellow malaysians) usually stay in ie. Lee Gardens Plaza, my dad's friend recommend us to try a new hotel just 1.2 km away from Lee Gardens called the Bed Hatyai.

note: It was my first time in Hat Yai so I have nothing to compare my experience to except other overseas experiences.

Including the hour of immigration I would say the ride from Penang to Hatyai is roughly 4 hours, give or take. Much nearer than the drive to kl. Once we passed the border, we decided to have mcdonalds. As every traveler is aware, it is a silent rule to have Mcdonalds for at least ONE meal during your entire trip. International mcdonalds acts a yardstick to gauge the difference in currency, pretty much.

I was kind of disappointed because we went there for breakfast and their breakfast sets are literally the same as Malaysia, only with the option of adding bacon to everything. There was this one particular breakfast sandwich that I've never heard of before but they were unfortunately out of the patty....sighz

contemplates life

The hotel was great! Albeit a the hotel as a whole is on the smaller side, I thought our rooms were too huge for even 4 people. It was impeccably clean and had Christmas spirit smothered all over. The hotel uses a "bedtime story/fairytale concept" in each of their rooms. My family got the Rapunzel room and I thought it was adorable.

everything above was written around a week ago lol. I procrastinated so much but now I am back and will try to be more productive on this blog seeing as I am, in this moment, given the luxury of time. 

welcome drinks

what I mean when I say "smothered by Christmas"

We were greeted by an attempt of cute animal folded towels. A+ for effort. The bellboy (?) -such an odd term for a profession that suits grown men-, was a really friendly person and ensured our pantry of complementary items was constantly full and even restocked!!

hotel freebies r great

After resting for around an hour (or two) we decided to head out and walk around our hotel area but came back after 15 mins cause it was scorching hot and we had no clue where to go since Hatyai's nightlife is more active than daytime. Hence, we then headed to tesco extra (ard 3km from our hotel) and got the HatYai holiday essentials ie. soy milk, seaweed, pocky, etc... finally a country which sells food and clothes at a lower rate even after currency conversion. ((could be lower...coughs))

after purchasing the essentials, we then decided to have a small look around the area of our hotel. nothing much since, as I have mentioned earlier, HatYai is more alive at night.

after that, we went back to the hotel and had a little rest. my dad slept and when he woke up, he immediately told us to change into our clothes as he wanted to go to a Buddhist temple nearby. 

it was pretty cute as they were having a special ceremony so the temple was swarming with abbots, all completely fitting the description of Minfong Ho's story Sing to the Dawn. (our 1119 english lit novel)

the buddha at the back and the monks on the right!!!

 after getting blessings and circling round the temple, my family decided to take a stroll round the lee gardens night market where we stuffed ourselves with food, bought shoes, clothes, ate coconut ice cream and enjoyed people watching (or tourist watching, should I say)

p/s there are not many pictures because I had a bigger intention to vlog rather than blog but I now regret it because I would rather blog instead of edit my little clips sighsss.

coconut ice creammmm that apparently beats sangkaya by a long shot (I've never been to sangkaya)

That pretty much sums up day 1. It is a rather shot post compared to my usual travel posts but I feel like no one reads these anyways but if you are thanks!!!!! and be on the look out for my next post!


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