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HatYai Travels (Day 2)

this took so long to write because I literally have no time on my hands (should have been more productive before I started my job) On my off days I can't even go out and enjoy cause I have piano & language classes LOL. I love how busy it is but I kinda want some chill days too :-(


check out this mini vlog of hatyai I made!

 The second day of our travels is probably the most happening of the 3 days we were there considering we actually had a destination to reach; songkhla beach.

one word.


the temperature of songkhla beach was INSANE. sure, the view was magnificent - it looked suitable to be the default background of an apple gadget but holy shitballs the weather was the death of me. I ate an extremely early dinner the night before and woke up around 8am that morning, hungry. However, being the total idiot I am, I decided to save my stomach for the seafood we planned to have my lunch. this is my advice to you readers: do not "save your stomach" for anything. NOTHING.
I will further narrate on this.

Anyway, on the drive to Songkhla beach, we stopped at a nearby seaside that had a huge fountain of a dragon spurting out water. "Thailand's Merlion", according to my dad. (no pic of the fountain sorry! check out the upcoming vlog if you are curious hahah)

The view was....alluring in a way. One of Thailand's charms, I would say.

btw like i said, it was SCORCHING HOT. here's a pic to prove it:

anywho, after a quick look around the area we realised that there were many stray dogs around. we still had some leftover fried chicken from our lunch at kfc yesterday so my dad fed them the little bit we had.

satisfied at the contented howls of all the appreciative dogs we set off to songkhla beach where I was greeted with yet again, the sun, in all its grandeur, shining its rays upon us mortals.

mainly we went to songkhla to eat the seafood recommended by looi (seeing the globally famous mermaid was the 2nd incentive HAHAHA).

It was around 10 am at this point and as I mentioned earlier, I was idiotically "saving my stomach" or lets just use the right term shall we - starving- cause at this point I was too hungry to keep sane. and the sun's rays were of 0 help. ZILCH. I was so thankful to be wearing a dress that day I would've died if I had put on a pair of jeans, or even shorts - or anything that would constrict my leg movements, honestly.

the seafood shops were just setting up so we had to buy time and thus headed off to pay a visit to the mermaid. The walk there was horrendously long and, yes I will repeat this as much as I want, the sun was INSANE.

panoramic view of Songkhla beach taken by my lil sis:

a longgg walk, several horses, chugging down cool coconut juice which we were conned of and lots of bickering later, we finally arrived at the mermaid's abode which was stunning and I guess, worth all the effort. I was pretty frustrated at this point with my stomach grumbling and (surprise!) THE MERCILESS SUN just beating down on us so ...vivaciously?? it was too cheery, even for the Sun. Hence, there aren't many pictures of the mermaid, dui bu qi :-(

after ooh-ing and aah-ing and more bickering, we FINALLY left in search for lunch. note: this was around 11am, tourists in little vans and buses were just showing up so all the seafood restaurants were overly welcoming and it was super hard to walk the entire stretch of seafood restaurants which went up to about 1km (I kid you NOT), as we keep an eye out for the Samila Seasport Restaurant, as per Looi's recommendation.

btw, the food was incredible and if you were to head down to Songkhla and want to give it a try, here's a little tip: Samila Seapsort is the biggest restaurant there. thanks for mentioning, looi. HAHAH

from what I remember, we ordered 1. tomyam soup (not clear, I don't like clear tomyam), fried squid (their grilled options are only available after 3 and according to looi their grilled squid is bomb but I didn't have the chance to try it, mixed veges and an onion omelette. 

the tomyam was really really good, not that spicy in my opinion but it was flavourful. my family originally ordered tomyam for 4 which we gobbled down extremely quickly and asked for a top-up. expecting just a small bowl of tomyam refill, we were jaw-dropped to see them bringing in another 4 portion tomyam soup. (which we almost finished, lmao so no one is complaining)

the hearty meal definitely made me more rational, gave us more strength. but the sun was still not backing down so we decided to head somewhere else cause apparently, the sun shines brightest at songkhla and won't be as bad around other places.

I'm not sure of the name of the next area we headed to but it was the place with the Thailand cable car. Instead of going on the cable car ride (did not appeal much to any of us), we went temple hopping round the many temples they had there.

at the first temple, we were given the chance to free some birds!!! (yes just like the scene where Bao allowed Dawan to free the pigeons as a symbollism toward a clearer mind in her journey to challenge discrimination against females. I remember too much of this story, its scary. 

after much consideration, we decided on freeing 4 birds, each representing a single member of our little family. 

the freeing of birds was a quick but beautiful process. The birds zoomed straight out of their cage, flying in a symmetry - never leaving each other. 

later on, we hiked a little to the upper part of the temple. on the way up, we were greeted by the mouth of a golden dragon. 

me @ my sis: why can't you take a decent pic
after the super mini-hike we were graced with gorgeous statues & statuettes, all big, bold and beautiful.

i look horrible but i struggled A LOT to fit everyone in the frame 

located right opposite these few temples was a scenery that was honestly... simply majestic 

after marvelling at the view, we visited this tiny shrine of zodiac animals where there was a wishing well & also wishing bells! my parents insisted I get a wishing bell, so I did. 

my sis & her zodiac lmao the resemblance is uncanny

my zodiac!!

and, as I mentioned earlier, there are wishing bells here and I got one!

after visiting the many temples, we headed back to the hotel, grabbed a cool drink and took a tuk tuk (wow tongue twister much) to the nearby night market which was enormous.

there's nothing much to blog about the night market other than the fact that

i. shopping is glorious here
ii. food is glorious
iii. atmosphere is glorious

it was a great end to our night & we purchased... quite a bit of stuff.

as much as I enjoyed shopping (being a person who usually resents & dreads the idea of shopping), as proven with the conglomerate of a homogenous mess of stuff below;

the food was even better!!!!
i finally got to try the mango sticky rice and although there are divided opinions against this Thai delicacy I have to say I am on the pro side. It was definitely something new to my tastebuds but still hella flavourful, nonetheless.

 the food at the night market consists of mainly street food so it all comes in disposable containers and gives off a very malaysian pasar malam vibe to it. I mean, duh, it's a night market HAHAHA.

another thing I want to proudly announce that I found in the night market is this:

you guys have no idea how long I have been in search of this phone case. it doesn't appeal much to most of you, I'm sure but it was this 13 year old dream of mine to own it and NOW I FINALY HAVE IT. FOR 120 BAHT. GREAT. 

i look like im flipping u off but i'm not i swear its a peace sign

we came home via a tuk tuk as well

here is a pic of me being squeezed by our mountainous amount of stuff coz another family tumpang'd our tuk tuk

 after a tiring day of shopping we went for another massage (forgot to mention in the previous post that we went for a massage and manicure on the first day as well)

the next morning, my sis and I headed down to the 7 eleven just opposite the hotel to purchase some road trip snacks. we were feeling adventurous and got the oddest of things, bad idea but worth it HAHAHA.

and thus, as we munched on our odd snacks, we headed home after a cute three days in Thailand.

thanks for reading!
more posts soon


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