Tuesday, January 2


I couldn't think of a better title...probably because I'm really tipsy on being so full from good bowls of pan mee (I promise, thats it hehe)

it's been a good start of the year. I slept in and woke up to have breakfast and slept again. Truly living the life. and I keep losing my phone in my own house, I don't know how that happens but it happens.  after the clock struck 12 last night and I got bored from watching game of thrones, I began to fall asleep to my own thoughts which reflected some of the strangest and most interesting events that happened through 2017. and I smiled so hard and blushed so hard and grinned so hard to myself -that's how I peacefully let my eyes fall like draped curtains which whisked me into dark slumber on the first night of the new year.

It was the little things that made today a good day. you randomly messaged me (again) and we talked about books and movies and being nerds. (again) and I enjoyed it. (again) and I FINALLY had a night out with Pigot and got tales from Nottingham uni over literally one cocktail (LOL). and boy were there some stories. we had really really really good pan mee before that though, I was beyond content. I'm going back to KL in a week and probably won't get food as good anytime there. after talks and laughs and calling out idiocracies, the extremely friendly (and downright beautiful) bartender waved goodbye to us from the windows as we walked to the car. the sweetest stranger. +100 customer service points.

and when I reached home at midnight and released my dogs from their doghouse chains, I grabbed a huge cup of twinberry cheesecake ice cream and just indulged in my PJs. the ice ceam was as cold and as sweet as the sea breeze that wafts over penang at night. and I instantly felt good about the year.


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